Lambswool Applicator Pad Refills — 8"-14"

For these products & surface sizes
Product Details
  • 100% Lambswool Pads with a tanned back.
  • Available in 8'' to 14'' lengths and are 2 ¼'' wide. The 8" - 12" applicators are recommended as they fit the 13" paint roller pan.
  • Use one pad per coat or clean pads thoroughly after each use with mineral spirits.
  • For use as a refill for our Lambswool Block & Pad.
  • Pad refills are sold individually and not in packs.
  • Before using new applicators, “clean” them by removing loose bristles or fibers. Aggressive dry brushing or a paint brush comb may remove any loose bristles. For pads, use a lint roller, wrap in masking tape or run through a dryer cycle to remove any loose fibers.