Do I need to finish all sides of my countertop?

In a perfect world, all 6 sides of a countertop could be coated to slow down moisture intrusion.  No matter what process is used to finish wood, checking and warping can never be completely stopped or prevented because wood needs to be able to expand and contract. Further it is impossible to completely encapsulate a piece of wood.

Any wood pore that is sealed with a penetrating oil finish such as Waterlox is one less pore water can eventually find its way into. This question asked another way:

Q: "Would it help to coat all sides of my countertop?"
A: "Yes, it will help."

Q: "Will it make a big difference in protection?"
A: "No, probably not."

Customers who have sanded down to bare wood and refinished the top and sides of a previously installed countertop with Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes have many years of success.

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