Waterlox Product Names: Identifying Your Product

Waterlox Coatings Corporation has been in the business of making premium wood finishes for over 100 years. In that time, we have produced some of the best quality finishes from tung oil and many formulas have remained unchanged for decades. However, the branding or naming conventions have changed on occasion, so this guide is a map to help identify which products you have used in the past or perhaps have sitting on the shelf.

Product Number

The product number corresponds to specific Waterlox formulations regardless of what the name is on the label. It is the best way to communicate a specific formulation, past or present. This number can be found on a few areas of the container. First is the underside of the can on a price tag type sticker.

Figure 1: Sticker on underside

On most stickers there is a date type code on the top line and a 4 digit formula number on the second line. On much older stickers you may only see the 4 digit code. The date code corresponds closely to when that particular batch was produced. The 4 digit code is the formula number. You can also find this 4 digit code as the last 4 digits of the barcode on the label.

Figure 2: Barcode

While names may have changed due to different labeling or marketing, the 4 digit formula code has always remained the same throughout the years.

The following table shows current product names with their product number for quick reference.

Waterlox product name and number quick reference

Product Number



















Product Name

UNIVERSAL Tung Oil Sealer

H2OLOX Matte Finish

H2OLOX Satin Finish

H2OLOX Semi-Gloss Finish

H2OLOX Gloss Finish


MARINE Satin Finish

MARINE Gloss Finish

ORIGINAL Satin Finish

ORIGINAL Semi-Gloss Finish

ORIGINAL Gloss Finish

VOC Compliant Satin Finish

VOC Compliant Semi-Gloss Finish

URETHANE Satin Finish

URETHANE Semi-Gloss Finish

URETHANE Gloss Finish

TRUETONE Buff In Tung Oil Finish

TRUETONE Color Infused Tung Oil


¹ - Replace the XX with numbers 00 through 10 to identify a specific color.

Current Names vs. Former Product Names

Many products have gone through a few name changes or have been referred to as different things throughout the years.

Original Semi-Gloss Finish (TB 5284)

The Original Semi-Gloss Finish has a product number of 5284. This is our true original product and is what all of our current tung oil containing finishes are modeled after. It has had quite a few names in its over 100 year history.

  • Original Sealer/Finish
  • Original Sealer/Finish Medium Sheen
  • Transparent
  • Tung Oil Finish (Carlisle)

Waterlox Urethane

Many people do not realize that Waterlox produces one of the highest quality oil-modified urethanes on the market and have done, so since the early 1990s. The traditional naming convention had an XL-## type name but they have been simplified in recent years.

  • XL-89 = Satin Urethane
  • XL-90 = Semi-Gloss Urethane
  • XL-88 = Gloss Urethane

Private Label

Many companies have sold Waterlox products under a private label in the past. While some products are specific to those companies, others will have the same product numbers as common Waterlox products. All cans are stickered on the underside to identify the product that was filled into the container, so check the four digit code. If the code matches one from the table above, they are the exact same formula. Other numbers are custom products made for that manufacturer or reseller.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

One notable reseller of Waterlox products is Carlisle Wide Plank Floors. For many years they would resell Waterlox products under their own label. Many customers looking to refinish their floors are directed back to Waterlox as they no longer sell under their private label.

Tung Oil Finish – Usually was sold in a rectangular container. Check the barcode or sticker for specific product number. Both the Original Semi-Gloss Finish (5284) and the VOC Compliant Semi-Gloss Finish (6038) were sold.

Antique Satin – Sold in round, traditional paint cans. Check the barcode or sticker for specific product number. Both the Original Satin Finish (6044) and the VOC Compliant Satin (6035) were sold.

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