Guide3-Cleanup Storage

Storage of Waterlox®

For Waterlox® ORIGINAL, VOC COMPLIANT, MARINE and URETHANE products: Keep containers closed when not in use and keep in a cool, dry place (above 32° F). If stored properly, an unopened can has an almost indefinite shelf life. Cold temperatures will not negatively affect Waterlox®, but if it has been chilled or exposed to freezing Storage of Waterlox®

Old Cans of Waterlox®

If you have old cans of Waterlox products sitting around, there is a good chance that it is still perfectly usable product, regardless of how old it is. The Waterlox products dry and cure through exposure to oxygen and they are fully reacted together to form one uniform liquid, so they will not slowly separate Old Cans of Waterlox®

Cleaning the application tools.

Before using a new applicator, be sure that any loose hairs or fibers are removed or cleaned from the applicator. This can be achieved by any of the following methods: Wrap the applicator with masking or painter’s tape and then remove the tape completely, or Put new and unused applicator pads in the dryer for a spin, Cleaning the application tools.