Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Below are some of the most commonly asked ones. If you don’t find your answer, search in our Project Help section.

Waterlox® FAQs

Can I use Waterlox® on a surface that is already stained?

Most likely yes. For more information, see the Stain and Waterlox® guide.

My surface is a little rough. How do I get a smoother final finish?

To ensure a smoother final finish, follow the steps in the Tips for a Smoother Final Finish guide.

What steps do I need to take to refresh, repair or recoat my existing Waterlox® surface?

For appropriate steps, view the Refreshing a Waterlox® Finished Surface guide.

What is UNIVERSAL Tung Oil Sealer (UTOS)?

The UNIVERSAL Tung Oil Sealer is a new sealer option. You can check out the advantages here. You can still use our traditional sealers. View our Traditional Sealers guide.

I’ve applied another finish and I’m unhappy with the result. Can I use Waterlox® over it?

Yes, in some instances. See our Previously Finished with Non-Waterlox® Products guide.