Waterlox Original Sealer & Finish

Our most popular product. It provides a medium sheen and is both a sealer and finish.



Waterlox TrueTone Color-Infused Tung Oils

Our buff-in tung oil enhances the color and grain of wood. It has a matte finish and is available in 11 colors.


Waterlox Wood Surface Cleaner

Waterlox Wood Surface Cleaner

Don’t forgot to clean and protect your finished countertops.


Beautiful, Waterproof and Food-Safe Countertops


Wood countertops can give your kitchen, bath or bar an unprecedented look. Waterlox is a superb choice for finishing wood countertops because it produces an incredibly appealing and durable surface. It is waterproof, food-safe and easy to maintain. Waterlox literally locks out water and locks in the natural beauty of wood. Its unique blend of tung oil and resin penetrates deep into wood and seals fibers beneath the surface to achieve a rich, hand-rubbed patina that enhances the grain. This is why it is the first choice for many wood enthusiasts.

With passion and pride, we’ve been making Tung Oil wood finishes in Ohio since 1910, using only the best ingredients. As a fourth-generation, family-owned business, we couldn’t imagine a better job. Because to us, there is nothing more rewarding than preserving the authenticity and inherent beauty of wood.

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