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Wood Filler and Waterlox®

In today’s ever changing world, many products are available due to market forces and general reformulation. Therefore, we do not know every type of filler process available. Most fillers are compatible with Waterlox® sealers other than those containing any wax or silicone. We also recommend using fillers that are marketed as being paintable and stainable, Wood Filler and Waterlox®

What are Waterlox® Finishes?

Waterlox is our company name and we manufacture and sell a variety of finishes. If you have searched our website, you’ll see numerous references to our finishes as well as other finishes and some comparisons between the many types. This guide aims to provide a little more technical background on the Waterlox product families. For What are Waterlox® Finishes?

Wax and Waterlox®

Wax is very prevalent in the wood finishing world. It is more common in wood working or smaller projects and becoming less common on floors or other areas, but is still encountered regularly. The three places where you may encounter wax would be as a key ingredient in the finish you are using, as an Wax and Waterlox®

Waterlox® on Cutting Boards

For any kind of cutting surface, we recommend using our Waterlox PURE Tung Oil for non-toxic, food-safe wood protection. We do not recommend using our film-forming products (ORIGINAL, MARINE and H2OLOX) on cutting surfaces. Over time, the continual cutting could lead to scratches in the finish, which may compromise the waterproof seal. This could allow Waterlox® on Cutting Boards

Waterlox® Limited Warranty

If Waterlox® products are proved to be defective within one year of purchase, Waterlox® Coatings Corporation will replace the material or refund the purchase price. Manufacturer’s liability does not include any injury, labor, loss or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use or the inability to use the product. Before using, the user Waterlox® Limited Warranty

Waterlox® and Solvents

There are many references to mineral spirits throughout our guides, tips and instructions. Mineral spirits is a solvent that is derived from petroleum and is considered an oil-based solvent (e.g.: dissolves oils and other non-polar substances). This guide helps to identify some common solvents and provides some general guidance on where they may (or may Waterlox® and Solvents

Waterlox® and Gloss Level

Waterlox offers different glosses in many of its product lines based on the principle of manipulating the surface roughness. When designing a Waterlox product, the focus is on providing superior protection while highlighting the beauty of the wood. We have offerings that range from a matte finish through a very high gloss finish. If you Waterlox® and Gloss Level