Wood Filler and Waterlox®

In today’s ever changing world, many products are available due to market forces and general reformulation. Therefore, we do not know every type of filler process available.

Most fillers are compatible with Waterlox® sealers other than those containing any wax or silicone. We also recommend using fillers that are marketed as being paintable and stainable, as this is an indication that they can be coated.

For a working surface such as a floor, which is subject to expansion and contraction, you may want to reconsider using a filler as the expansion and contraction over time will work out the filler from in between the boards. Keep in mind that since Waterlox® finishes (other than URETHANE) are penetrating oil finishes, they will penetrate and seal between the boards and into knots, etc.

Follow proper application and spread rate procedures.