Guide3-Maintenance Repairs

Wax and Waterlox®

Wax is very prevalent in the wood finishing world. It is more common in wood working or smaller projects and becoming less common on floors or other areas, but is still encountered regularly. The three places where you may encounter wax would be as a key ingredient in the finish you are using, as an Wax and Waterlox®

Waterlox® UNIVERSAL Tung Oil Sealer (UTOS) Advantages

Universal Tung Oil Sealer

Traditional Waterlox® systems began with a sealer, namely, Waterlox® ORIGINAL Sealer & Semi-Gloss Finish or Waterlox® MARINE Sealer. Waterlox® developed a new product aimed at simplifying and speeding up the application process, UNIVERSAL Tung Oil Sealer (UTOS). UTOS provides excellent protection, durability and appearance properties that Waterlox® products are known for along with some other advantages. Waterlox® UNIVERSAL Tung Oil Sealer (UTOS) Advantages

Tips for a Smoother Final Finish

Tips for a Smoother Finish

If you are having an issue getting the final finish to lay down just right, these tips can help you finish your project and make it the envy of your friends and neighbors. There are myriad causes for poor appearance ranging from dust, wood fibers, rushed application, bugs, bubbles, streaks, etc., but the cure is Tips for a Smoother Final Finish

Scuffing and Waterlox®.

One of Waterlox®’s product performance characteristics certainly does not include “scratching or scuffing easily”. Often times when customers call us to report this perceived “lack” of performance; we try to learn what the spread rate of the material was when the finish was applied and what methods of application were used. A properly finished surface with Scuffing and Waterlox®.

Removal of magic marker.

Other than sanding and refinishing, surfaces finished with Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes that are marked on at a later date with Magic / Permanent Marker may be able to be cleaned up with Rubbing Alcohol. Rubbing alcohol may dull the finish in the spot being spot cleaned; however, it will be less noticeable than Removal of magic marker.

Rain or dew and Waterlox.

Q: “My project is wet from rain or dew, can I recoat?” A: For projects either around water or outdoors in the elements that can produce moisture, dew and/or rain, it is important that the project be completely dry prior to coating. Drying of the film on the surface is not our major concern; it’s Rain or dew and Waterlox.