Waterlox® UNIVERSAL Tung Oil Sealer (UTOS) Advantages

Traditional Waterlox® systems began with a sealer, namely, Waterlox® ORIGINAL Sealer & Semi-Gloss Finish or Waterlox® MARINE Sealer. Waterlox® developed a new product aimed at simplifying and speeding up the application process, UNIVERSAL Tung Oil Sealer (UTOS). UTOS provides excellent protection, durability and appearance properties that Waterlox® products are known for along with some other advantages.

Eco-friendly and Low VOC

UTOS is less than 100 g/L VOC making it a true low VOC, low odor and eco-friendly sealer. Solvent odor is essentially non-existent. There is however, solvent in the formulation; therefore, proper ventilation, storage, disposal and care should be used.

Simplified Process

UTOS allows for the simplification of the the finishing system. For most projects, one coat of UTOS is used as a sealer1 prior to the desired Waterlox® finish and gloss level. Visit Find Your Finishing System tool to help select the right products for your project.

Shortens Project Time

UTOS is high in solids (>80%); therefore, it will penetrate, fill up the wood grain and build to a film faster. More can be completed in fewer steps. It will soak into the wood and dry hard – not a thick, plastic-like film – but, instead, a solid base coat with the same beautiful and rich Tung oil color experienced with the ORIGINAL products. UTOS dries overnight and seals and protects down into the wood fibers.

Smoother Final Finish

By buffing, rubbing or driving in UTOS, the wood becomes saturated while also knocking down bumps or nibs that may result from sanding. Because UTOS is in the wood, it will not trap dust or other defects like film-forming finishes. Cleanliness before application of UTOS is less restrictive and sanding is not required after UTOS is applied, which keeps dust to a minimum.

Can Still Be Tinted

Many customers enjoy the ease of tinting the ORIGINAL and MARINE sealer products. Tinting can still be accomplished with UTOS. Up to a 5-10% blend of oil-based stains can be mixed with UTOS in the first coat to create custom colors. Always test first and see our Stain and Waterlox® guide for more information.


The addition of UTOS into our system makes the process different than our traditional process. Traditional methods can still be used, see our ORIGINAL Sealer & Semi-Gloss Finish and MARINE Sealer FAQ.

  1. Multiple products are required to complete the project. If a semi-gloss finish is preferred, this is achieved with multiple coats of the ORIGINAL Sealer & Semi-Gloss Finish (TB 5284). For MARINE products or anything other than a semi-gloss finish, multiple products are required.
  2. UTOS requires a different application method. Our ORIGINAL products are typically wet applied with a brush or lambswool applicator pad. UTOS should be buffer-applied, rubbed or troweled (driven in) and the excess wiped off. This is usually easily done with the right equipment, but that may not be something that is easy to acquire.

1 SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT HIGH TANIN (e.g.: white/red oak, walnut, cherry), OILY/EXOTIC (e.g.: IPE, cocobolo, teak, rosewood, mahogany etc.) and SOFTER “PUNKY” WOODS (e.g.: pine, fir, cherry, walnut, etc.) a second coat of UTOS is required before moving on to the H2OLOX® finish(es). This will block the tannins, absorb the wood oils, and provide adequate film build respectively.