Wooster® Pro 30 Lindback Angle Sash China Brush — 1″ & 2 1/2″

For these products & surface sizes
Product Details
  • Black China bristle with chisel construction
  • Soft, fine touch
  • Recommended for finishing smaller projects.
  • Brush available in 1″ and 2-1/2″ widths
  • 1″ brush for small areas such as table legs; 2 1/2″ brush for medium to larger areas such as table tops, counter tops, wood trim, windows, cabinets, etc.
  • Round, rust-resistant, steel ferrule.
  • Treated maple wood handle.
  • Manufactured by Wooster
  • Before using new applicators, “clean” them by removing loose bristles or fibers. Aggressive dry brushing or a paint brush comb may remove any loose bristles. For pads, use a lint roller, wrap in masking tape or run through a dryer cycle to remove any loose fibers.