Food Safe and Non Toxic

Waterlox interior products (when used correctly) will leave food-safe and non-toxic surfaces. These surfaces will be safe for food contact once cured, but should NOT be used on cutting surfaces (see Waterlox on Cutting Boards). The most important part is that the surfaces are well cured before use and the wood is properly sealed. See the Drying, curing, and ventilation guide for more information.

Film-Forming Finishes

Waterlox’s interior film-forming finish lines include ORIGINAL, H2OLOX, and URETHANE. All three will cure into waterproof films that are safe for food contact. For the ORIGINAL and H2OLOX finishes, it is recommended to allow at least 72 hours before any food or water contact, ideally 7 days before regular use. The URETHANE products will cure a little quicker and will be OK to use after 24 hours, but again, 7 days is ideal.

Penetrating Finishes

Waterlox penetrating finishes include TRUETONE and PURE Tung Oil. These products tend to dry and cure much slower than regular film-forming finishes, so avoid food contact for 7 days and get as much air flow over the surface when not in use to speed up the cure. The TRUETONE Buff-In Tung Oil Finish will be dried and cured in 2 weeks at the most, but with moderately good air flow, 7 days would be sufficient. For PURE Tung Oil, full cure will usually occur between 2-4 weeks, however it is non-toxic even as a liquid. ****Note that these products are not high heat processed by Waterlox and therefore may have more possibility to allergic reaction. See Allergies and Waterlox for more information, but in general, tung oil allergies are extremely rare and do not normally coincide with nut allergies.

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