Do I need to use a Marine Finish with the Marine Sealer?

A common question asked is:

I’ve heard that the Marine Sealer and the Original Sealer/Finish are the same product, so do I need the Marine Finishes?

The initial statement is true. Marine Sealer (TB 3809) and the Original Sealer/Finish (TB 5284) are the exact same product with different labels and instructions on the cans. The biggest difference is in the name itself. The Marine Sealer is not called the Marine Sealer/Finish because it is not a suitable exterior finish by itself. The purpose of the Marine product line as a whole is to provide protection from weather and UV. If direct UV exposure is not a concern, then the Original products are fine and therefore the Marine Sealer by itself would suffice (again, it is the same as our Original Sealer/Finish which will result in a semi-gloss finish). The Marine Sealer provides an excellent primer layer that puts oil and resin into the wood to provide a waterproof anchor that helps to keep the wood from fading or turning gray when exposed to UV. The Marine Finishes then provide the final waterproof seal layer while also adding the UV protection necessary to survive the harsh exterior environment.

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