Do I really need the Marine Sealer?

One of the major challenges with exterior film forming coatings is that when they tend to fail, they will start to crack, chip and peel off the surface leaving the wood exposed. The Waterlox MARINE Sealer penetrates into the wood and chemically bonds with the MARINE Finishes to create a single film layer that is anchored into the wood and then sealed on the surface. The use of the MARINE Sealer acts as a clear primer that will enhance the beauty of the wood and provide an excellent layer for the MARINE Finishes to adhere. While it is not necessary to use the MARINE Sealer, it will greatly help extend the life of your coating and keep your wood looking newer for longer.

Maintaining your project in the future should not require reapplication of the MARINE Sealer. Simply clean and repair the MARINE Finish layer as that does the job of protecting the MARINE Sealer.